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Hotbit Trading Halt

We paid Hotbit over $50,000 USD to be listed, and in returns after what happened they abruptly blocked any future trades on their platform while keeping every holder’s BNB as an excuse + our funds.

You would believe they care about the holders of the tokens that are listed? Absolutely not! They are the largest thieves trading platform, as evidenced by our experiences.

We messaged them and asked to start trades; we received an email stating that it will be evaluated. When we inquired if the review had been finished, they did not answer, nor did they attempt to offer any solid facts regarding anything other than placing a halt to trading.

We opened trades as soon as we were allowed, but HOTBIT did not and continues to refuse to do so despite no proof that it would be detrimental to anybody other than themselves by retaining holders’ BNB and token.

Understand PirateCoin has contacted HOTBIT several times to initiate trading, however, they have been unresponsive and have ignored our messages.

If you have a PirateCoin token, you should file a complaint with the trading platform.