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Why is PirateCoin working on Swap, Farm, and DAO?

The Swap marked the start of our efforts to develop other apps on the web3 platform, which will be guided by the DAO, which will choose future applications and developments on the PirateCoin Platform.

What is the benefit of the swap and how does it work?

The benefits of the swap are intended to demonstrate our abilities, as well as much more to come in the future of web3.

So, what about the FARM?

People may invest in the farm and watch their money grow over time.

What does DAO stand for?

The PirateCoin contract will be taken over by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization DAO, and holders of PirateCoin will vote with PirateCoin on what happens next for PirateCoin’s future. Because all holders will have a vote in the future of Piratecoin.