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The progress of PirateCoin Farming

We’re now working on the UI and web3 aspects of the Farming design, and the contract for DAO is ready, but we still need to work on the UI and web3 aspects of the design as well.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we must utilize the correct FARM calculation. The UI must be user-friendly and compressed to use less data.

Our estimated completion date is this weekend, however, it might be extended until next week if we experience any challenges or mistakes that hold us down. We need to make it easy to use on mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. As the swap was delivered the rest will get delivered, so rest assured all is going to be delivered.

What happens when PirateCoin TM completes the three web3 applications?

So, things will become exciting as we take PirateCoin to the next level. Since we’re handing over ownership to DAO, the destiny of PirateCoin will be decided by the people. People will be allowed to vote on the Pirates’ future. Marketing will also begin, and many new things will come.

It will keep evolving to something bigger and bigger.