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Understand this is a beta test for ability, weapon, environment. We know what needs to be done to improve the game. This will continuously get updates, this won’t be the actual game at launch everything you have seen from all the betas are going to be combined in one. Do not email or DM suggestions there is no need. The controller for Mobile and PC are incomplete we’re still working on it. From now on we’re going to primarily focus on the release of the game. Every time we launch a beta we lose time. Many asked for Mobile Beta to be released, so we followed the suggestion, and we lost more time by releasing mobile since we had to postpone many parts of the game to work on the mobile version.

We will try to keep you all post it via Video Upload in the future.

BEWARE Mobile Beta is for High-End Mobile phones this won’t work on old phones.

Thank you all, have fun.


PC Keyboard
Movement: AWSD
Menu: M
Weapon: I and Tab to switch
Combos: F,1,2,3
Open Box: X
Space: Ladder, edge High Jump, and wall run
Shift: Run