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PirateCoin guarantee that you put your money into a project that over time doubles your investment.

The Metaverse is a “successor state” to the modern internet, with all the same content but fewer limitations as to where and how that content can be accessed. Current online platforms allow users to move about somewhat freely within the confines of specific services, but limit interoperability between platforms: you can build anything in “PirateCoin,” but you can be transfer your creations into NFT. The Metaverse will allow users to generate their own content and distribute it freely throughout a widely accessible PirateCoin NFT world.

PirateCoin aims to produce a game integrating NFT by finding Treasure and earning PirateCoin. Each character within the game is Unique and can be sold on the PirateCoin NFT. The character will earn and get experience the more time spent in the game. There will be enemies to fight, weapon upgrades, and much more. PirateCoin will be the main currency of the game.

You can develop your Pirate using PirateCoin to increase your NFT base. The PirateCoin may be won or acquired on decentralized exchanges such as Pancakeswap as a winning prize. As with other NFT games, PirateCoin, and other used NFTs may be sold either in the in-app NFT market or on popular markets similar to OpenSea.

There are five types of coins within the game.

  • PirateCoin – Inquired within PanCakeSwap and can buy PS / PG / PE / PA
  • PirateShip – Inquired within the game. Upgrade Ship
  • PirateGold – Inquired within the game. Upgrade Weapon Power
  • PirateXP – Inquired within the game. Speed up Experience
  • PirateAva – Inquired within the game. Upgrade Avatar

You can also buy avatars on the PirateCoin NFT or sell your avatar. Each Avatar can be customized by the user. Some customization is free and some require PirateCoins to buy premium armors, weapons, and other costumes.